The key to an efficient collaboration
between brands and Influencers is the
ability to gain peoples attention.

Therefore, it is very important for us to bring people together who can
jointly tell an authentic story.


Recognise potential

yimify knows about the potential of digital marketing channels and we have set ourselves the mission to think future oriented, react promptly on the latest developments and keep you up to date.


Focus on efficiency

yimify helps brands and agencies to develop efficient strategies for Influencer Marketing. We as marketers support you to identify potential Influencers for certain campaigns and maximize the ROI for your brand. We complete our service with our significant reporting and a full-service payment model.


Social Network

We see ourselves primarily as a social network for the exchange of commercial contents. Thereby, we distinguish ourselves clearly from competitors in this sector. We consider the personal exchange of the people meeting on our platform as absolutely essential in order to create a depth of data with unique characteristics.


Customised campaigns

Detailed information help us to promote customised campaigns which increase the value of each participant in the market. For us, the topic of Influencers constitutes a profession, which is why we want to maintain a professional handling.



Our team consists of digital, marketing and data-experts and Influencer Relationship Managers, but also Influencers themselves, who aim at  supporting us in creating remarkable Influencer Marketing results.


Customer support

Our customer service is always available for any queries to ensure smooth operations with yimify – from platform training and support to strategic consulting. We are here to help you!