We provide added value for your
Influencer Marketing.

yimify sets the course for meaningful co-operations.


In marketing, you need to tell a story. In Social Media, it‘s about to get your customers to tell the story for you.


The future is not about Marketing for Influencers, it is about creative and adventurous marketing jointly with them. They represent an expansion of your company.


We at yimify consider Influencers primarily as their own brand and creation media. They should become part of the creative process and effect something. Thus, one of the most important criteria on both sides is not only to create content, but also context.


yimify helps you to create a relationship, valuable for both sides. We constantly work on optimizing a database including a depth of details which should become our unique selling point on the market. Relationships can grow the best when you have good chemistry.

Search for Influencer

Choose from a variety of filter criteria* such as initially Follower, Engagements, Gender, Location, Interest and Language, to locate the Influencer which suits you best. (*platform-permitting)


You receive precise and deep insights* into the channels of the Influencers in order to even better evaluate which Influencer suits your campaign best. (*platform-permitting)

Analysis of Target Group

Not only the Influencer but also its target group should be a perfect fit. yimify provides you with a target group analysis*, including their age, gender and their location (city and country). (*platform-permitting)

Campaign Management

yimify lets you search among tens of thousands of influencers and analyze them and their target group. In addition, the entire campaign can optionally be carried out via yimify. We therefore offer you a tool that can bundle all parts of the influencer marketing area for you, so that you can always keep an overview and work as effectively as possible.


In addition to directly addressing the influencers by email, yimify also offers the option of using the campaign management to get in touch with the selected influencers and to exchange ideas (messenger/app). Good communication is essential.


Of course, we track the results of your current campaign for you, so that you are always in the picture. As soon as the influencer has provided the link to his post, we are able to track the performance of the post in real time.


As soon as the campaign is finished, yimify will compile the results for you in a clear report. Of course, you can also download this as a PDF (coming soon) to use your reporting, detached from yimify, internally or to send it to your customers.


A campaign with several influencers at once? No problem! You provide a total budget on yimify and our integrated PSP takes care of the agreed distribution to all contributors.

”Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
It is extremely important to us to be able to offer a pricing model that is transparent and flexibly adapts to the circumstances of the respective campaign. This will make it easier for you to integrate yimify into your budget planning and to identify the ROI for you. First, book the package that suits you (APPROACHING, ADVANCED or PIONEER), which enables you to carry out an unlimited search and a package-dependent number of analyzes. Limited time offer: When using campaign management (only ADVANCED, PIONEER), an additional commission or CPM is charged for the associated additional services (messenger, reporting, service fees PSP). Payments are made by SEPA direct debit or credit card.

€ 320,-

PER MONTH / min. 1 month (hop on/hop off)

Unlimited Search

+25 profile analyzes/month

Any further access:

€ 239,-/month







€ 519,-

PER MONTH / min. 3 months

Unlimited Search

+50 profile analyzes/month

Any further access:

€ 379,-/month


Campaign management*

incl. messenger,

reporting & payment for an additional

CPM-based fee** (see below) or

10% of the campaign budget***.


€ 649,-

PER MONTH / min. 6 months

Unlimited Search

+75 profile analyzes/month

Any further access:

€ 479,-/month


Campaign management*

incl. messenger,

reporting & payment for an additional

CPM-based fee** (see below) or

10% of the campaign budget***.

*campaign management can be used optionally with the ADVANCED and PIONEER packages
**Product for post:
Costs for campaigns for product value (product for post) up to an additional payment of <€ 100, - are calculated on basis of a CPM of € 2, - on the total number of followers of the influencer.
***Paid campaigns:
From € 100,- campaign budget per influencer (offer in launch phase only) we charge an additional 10% usage commission.

We look forward to you!